What Is The Number One Seller Marketing Tool

Dated: 01/05/2017

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What is the No. 1 marketing tool if you want your house to sell fast?

Facebook ads? Zillow? Craigslist? Great photos? Drone shots?

Answer: All are good but wrong answer.

Correct answer: Price! I have sold houses in six hours (yes, I said six hours) when the house was priced at market or a scooch under based on my seasoned view of the market. And I have spent thousands of dollars advertising houses that didn't sell because the seller was dreaming. (Past tense. I grew up and got smarter. You have to dream on your own dime....)

Kids, today's buyers are savvy. They have many of the same tools we Realtors have.  They have a fairly good idea what a house is worth. And only they know what it's worth to them.  

I want my sellers to get the most money out of their homes. However, you have to add the cost of carrying the house to the equation. I had a seller who insisted his house was worth $495,000. I told him the price was closer to $465,000. He was certain and hey, I am not omniscient, so I listed the house at $495,000. Two months of no offers made him not so certain. He then let me price the house. It went under contract the next week for guess how much? $465,000 on the dot! He wasted two mortgage payments being "certain."

I am not omniscient, but I am a good listener. I am not emotionally involved so I can listen to the market is saying. And the market will tell you the price that will get you to the closing table. Every time.

So, you decide. If you want to sell your house fast, price it right. If you want to test the market and can afford it, let's try...and then listen. In real estate, wishful thinking will cost you.

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